A/C Tune-up Program

A/C Tune-Up Program for Entergy Mississippi customers

At Entergy Mississippi, safety is our top priority.  As part of our commitment to safety, we’re closely monitoring developments related to the COVID-19 outbreak and taking appropriate precautions to protect the health and safety of our customers, trade allies and employees. That’s why we’ve temporarily suspended the A/C Tune-up Program through April 30. New appointments will tentatively be available starting in early May. We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your understanding. Since this is an evolving situation, please check back for updates.

Learn about the A/C Tune-Up Program.

Our participating trade allies use a diagnostic tool to evaluate the capacity of your heating and cooling system and compare it with what the system was designed to deliver. The tool precisely identifies system inefficiencies to pinpoint steps you can take to recapture -- or even improve upon -- the original performance specifications of your system.

What are the benefits?

1. Get more from your tune-up. Your trade ally will evaluate your equipment's energy performance and make necessary adjustments to ensure that your system is operating as efficiently as possible. Typical adjustments include cleaning the evaporator coil, outdoor condenser and blower and correcting the refrigerant charge.

2. Save money and energy. Get a tune-up at no additional cost. Plus, your system will run more efficiently, so you will save on energy costs all summer long.

3. Worry less. A properly maintained air conditioner lasts longer, is more reliable and is safer for your family.

4. Stay cool. An energy-efficient air conditioner keeps you cool and comfortable during even the hottest summer days.


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