EV Chargers

Learn about electric vehicle chargers.

Having an electric vehicle charger in your home is convenient, efficient and great for your
wallet. And, like electric vehicles, the chargers always getting smarter.

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EV Chargers offer advanced Wi-Fi control and smart grid features that automatically adjust to provide as much power as your EV is able to accept. No longer will you have to travel to the garage to check your charge; with JuiceNet technology, you can manage your charge rate and power consumption right from your smartphone or tablet. Stop and start charging remotely and see your charge data in real-time. Or, ask Amazon’s Alexa or Google Home to check it for you.

    JuiceBox Pro 40 WiFi-enabled EV Charging Station - 40 Amps

    $649 - $659
    We're looking for available rebates...

    JuiceBox 32 Wi-Fi Enabled EV Charging Station - 32 Amps

    We're looking for available rebates...

    ClipperCreek HCS-40 (JuiceNet® Edition Wi-Fi Enabled) EV Charging Station

    $799 - $923
    We're looking for available rebates...